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Branding – Simply, who is your company, and what does it stand for?  What do people think or feel when they hear your name?  We help your business convey that message.

Web Design – The quickest and most economical way to get your site up and running is through the use of content management systems (CMS), where we use themes and templates to create your site, but if you want to go all in and build from scratch, we can accommodate as well.  Either way, you will have a quality site that is search friendly and responsive on all devices.

Social Media Marketing – Useful in branding and building personal relationships with your potential and current customers.  We can help you engage them through social media like Facebook, blogs, and Youtube.  Social media marketing also contributes to search ranking because they are sources to provide links back to your site.

Email Marketing – If you already have a mailing list, we can develop campaigns that target by interests or either blast to your entire list at once.  If you do not have a mailing list, we can create squeeze pages for your company and began acquiring leads.

Mobile Marketing – Mobile marketing is similar to email marketing, except your subscribers will receive your company’s promotion as soon as you send them.  Because people’s mobile devices are on them 99% of the time, mobile marketing can be highly effective.

Lead Capture – A focused strategy for capturing relevant leads to promote your products or services.  One common, effective lead capture tactic, for example, would be Facebook ads that point to a lead capture page.  See one of our lead capture pages here for advertising on Facebook and also opt in if you’re interested in running ads on Facebook.  

eCommerce – If you have a product or service that needs to be sold online, we can set your site up to collect payments.

QR Codes – We can implement QR (qick response) codes in your marketing campaigns.  These codes can be links to videos, blogs, images, discounts, and anything digital concerning your company’s.  Users scan the codes with their mobile devices, and the code takes them to the content.

Keyword Research – There’s no guessing game when it comes to keywords that drive traffic.  Researching keywords give insight on what terms are being searched and how competitive they are.  From this data, we can determine which keywords will better optimize your traffic.

SEO –  Search Engine Optimization is the process of optimizing your website to be found in search engines.  Utilizing keyword research, we will find the keywords/phrases that drives the best traffic in your industry, and then develop a strategy to point that traffic to your site.

PPC – PPC (pay per click) is when you pay Google or other ad networks to list your ads in their search engines.  When consumers click on your ad, you will be charged an amount for each click.  The goal here, is conversions.  We can create effective ad campaigns, targeting consumers who are ready to become your new client or customer.

Analytics and Monitoring – Analytics allow you to measure your site’s performance.  Metrics gathered using anayltics allow you to spot trends in your site’s traffic and can be used to improve the site and its performance.  We can run analytics, monitor your site, and make suggestions for improvement.

Directory Listings – Local search/directory listings should not be overlooked in terms of SEO.  Many times, local search results are above organic search listing.  If your company is not cited in local directories, it is simply missing out.  Over three billion searches are done in local directories per month, and there are literally hundreds of local directories to have your business listed in.  Davis Marketing Solutions can get you listed.

Consultation – Sometimes all you may need is a little advice, so your first consultation with Davis Marketing Solutions is always free.  We can do site analysis, listen to your concerns, and provide the right advice to fit your needs.  If you choose to move forward and receive services from us, we will be happy to take it on, but if you “get it” and you want to handle marketing on your own, we will high five and wish you success.  Call today and let’s discuss your opportunities: (843) 936-1455.

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