Site Mockups – If you choose to have your site custom built, it may be helpful to have a draft (mockup) of your site done so that you and the designer have a clear idea of what the finished piece will look like.  We can create a digital mockup from your vision to customize your site.

Survey Development – Surveys are a great way to understand consumers’ experience and expectations of your business. Davis Marketing Solutions can develop and administer surveys for your brand, collect and analyze results, and deliver suggestions for improving your products or services.

Prints and Graphics – We create logos, banners, flyers, brochures, decals, signs, business cards etc. for your business.

Photography – No need to search for a photographer.  We do professional, high quality photography for products, services and more.

Video – No need to search for a videographer.  We offer video production for the web and TV.

Mix and Mastering Services – If you have audio such as podcast, webinars, or even music, we music mastering consoleoffer services in mixing and mastering to get your sound quality up to standards.  Aspiring musicians and producers are welcome to our service as well.  We have years of experience in music production for local artists in the Myrtle Beach area.  Opt-in via our landing page at the following link: CLICK HERE



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