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Davis Marketing Solutions develops your company’s web design and Marketing strategies. Whether you are looking for web design, to increase brand awareness, or SEO – to be found on search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing, Davis Marketing Solutions will deliver results to grow your business and increase revenue.

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 Web Design and Marketing

Millions of consumers search online each day for products or services that your company offers; are they finding you?  If your company has no web presence, the answer to that question is definitely, “no”.  Ranking in Google and other search engines do not “just happen”.  There are “Best Practices” and techniques to get your site indexed and found online.  Good marketers utilize SEO such as mobile responsive designs,  directory listings, social media, and relevant, keyword rich content in ranking for organic search results.



 Marketing Campaigns

Marketers also utilize marketing campaigns, such as email marketing, mobile marketing, and PPC (pay per click).  Email and mobile marketing can immediately get a sale or special out to your subscribers, enticing them to take advantage of opportunities.  Pay Per Click campaign ads can immediately put your company in front of customers who are ready to buy.



Finally, of course, no marketing strategy can be successfully complete without analytics.  Analytics allow marketers to monitor and measure the performance of your online activity.  Metrics from analytics give marketers insight on what’s working and not working with your online strategies, allowing for tweaks and changes that can improve user experience and ultimately increase conversions.  Davis Marketing Solution’s web design and marketing strategies focus these aspects to get the results you’re looking for.  Call today for a free, initial consultation.  The number is (843) 936-1455

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